Welcome to the Dickies® Subscription Box. Get the best Quality, Styles, and Pride that embodies the spirit of the world renowned North America’s  Lifestyle and Workwear Clothing Brand every month in your mailbox! 
Different styles every month! 
Work, Skate, Rock or Ride,
Dickies® will always have the best choice for you to wear every day.

Brought to you by Sparkle International Inc. Mens Fashion tops licensee of Williamson-Dickie Canada Co.

Dickies® Mens tops every month in your mailbox!

The perfect gift, Dickies has something for everyone! Let us surprise you with the trendiest styles from our Spring Summer and Fall Winter collections.

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Super Soft touch and comfort fabrics for your every day activities


Trendy, Vintage, Classic styles.. you name it


The styles you love, with the quality that only Dickies can provide


2  Collection pieces
from our Lifestyle
Mens Dickies Collections.

*No Subscription, 1 Time only sale,
Free shipping in Canada

      Just $40.00 CDN


Collection tee
+ 1 Signature hoodie or

Shirt from our Lifestyle
Mens Dickies Collections.

*3 months subscription minimum,
Free shipping in Canada

Just $40.00 CDN
per month


2  Collection tees
from our Lifestyle
Mens Dickies Collections.

*3 months subscription minimum,
Free shipping in Canada

Just $30.00 CDN
per month

Gifts for Every type of Men

We believe in versatility for every guy type out there.

 Dickies® Corporate Guy

If you had to guess where your bro would be at any given moment, and the answer is “at the office”, you’re guy is a corporate guy. He thrives to be the most productive, sales-generating man in the place. A plaid shirt will be the perfect addition to his closet.

Dickies® Outdoorsy Guy

This guy would rather be anywhere but confined to the walls of an office. A cozy hoodie and a casual fleece would fit seamlessly into this guy’s closet.

 Dickies® The Jock

This guy can always be found either watching or playing sports. He needs a versatile piece of clothing that is both casual and durable. This guy would thrive in the bold colours of a flannel shirt—no doubt about it.

 Dickies® Motor-Head

This guy has mad style. He’s calm, cool, and into all things that rev. This guy will greatly appreciate anything that accompanies his rough lifestyle, such as a printed vintage tee


Are the products only Men’s tops?

Yes, for now we produce and distribute only Men’s tops in Canada according our Dickies license agreement.

Is this subscription box part of the website?

No, we are an independent seller that produce and sell Dickies men’s Fashion tops, some of our products might be sold in the and other retailers in Canada, if you want strict workwear clothes we invite you to visit  were you will find the best workwear styles!

The men’s tops included in the subscription are workwear styles?

No, the spirit of Dickies is workwear having that in mind our approach is lifestyle and streetwear garments to be used all day long, they might be sold in many workwear retailers though.

Can i cancel my order at anytime?

You can cancel before the day 10 of each month during your Subscription, after the day 10 we will not be able to refund any subscription fee but we can cancel the rest of your subscription if you desire.

Can I subscribe my husband, boyfriend or friend?

Yes of course, you are welcome to subscribe anyone you want, after the 3 months period we will ask that person if he wants to continue with their subscription or scale to the next package!

Are the Tops styles different every month?

Yes, every month you will find a different style in your mailbox before you see any in retail stores or other e-commerce sites